OGS Luther-Schule becomes bilingual


OGS Luther-Schule becomes bilingual

Our After School Care Group at the Luther-Schule has two new members: Susan and Meike. Susan, the doll, is a native English speaker. Susan does not understand German, but would like to learn everything about the Luther-Schule. Meike understands German, speaks English and is there to help Susan, not only to learn everything about the school, but to also get involved in school life!

The idea is to make it easier for young Germans to get in contact to English manners. They might learn to understand and accept difference in culture and tolerate foreigners as well. By the way children adapt words, melodies and habits in an every-day-atmosphere. That´s why Meike takes care for the pupils from lunchtime (noon) till the end of day (4 p.m.).

Susan and Meike like to offer special afternoon schooling two times a week on Tuesday and on Thursday. We call this special time “teatime”. Teatime is a very British habit that normally is celebrated between 3 and 4 p.m. as it will be in the Luther-Schule starting in September 2017.

Schooling time will have three parts: welcome, activity and good-bye, accompanied with a cup of tea in the afternoon.
We appreciate to have fun and easy going and can imagine lots of nice activities that can be offered:

PE competitions, memory, creative work, building a book, fantasy travel, rhymes, learning colors by drawing, games at the table, counting… up to complete theatre plays…or baking biscuits for teatime.

These are some first ideas. It is going to work out with the help of the young human´s wishes and ability to learn and hopefully ends in the love of the English language.

This offer in the afternoon takes place due to the financial support from the Bilinguale Erziehung in Lübeck gGmbH.

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